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mardi 8 décembre 2015

Reason Number 1 For The Appearance of Breast Cancer You Drink it Every Day But You Are not Aware of This Fact

Women in Japan are the one with less breast cancer in the world. Supposedly, their thin line is the main reason for this.

Due to the results of a Norwegian study, people who drink three glasses of milk daily, have two times more risk of breast cancer comparing to the one who drink half a cup, or less.

Unluckily, we all know that the number of breast cancer increases. If we think about a whole range of factors, it turns out that milk could be the reason of the extended danger of this disease. At first, it was suspected that milk just quickens the development of an already existing cancer, yet the Norwegian researchers’ guarantee that besides that, it is the main reason for its happening in the first place.


United States, Sweden, Finland, Canada, and Britain are the nations in which most examples of breast cancer are known. Amusingly, milk takes top position especially in these nations. Then again, breast cancer is amazingly very rare or it doesn’t exist at nations where animal milk is not been used. As said in the beginning, women who drink three glasses of milk a day will probably develop breast cancer comparing to the ones drinking just half a cup.

Hormones and growth factors in milk are known as carcinogenic elements, and the same was demonstrated for synthetic additions of vitamin D, which milk is regularly enriched with. So in general, patients take two times more synthetic vitamin D than others.

Yet, these reasons for breast cancer are not the only ones. It was noticed that the number of cases is increasing with the consummation of sugar, pastries, and some sorts of meat, for example, pork. Then again, the utilization of fish and raw vegetables prompts to a significant drop.

At last, there are the bras, particularly the tight ones, which also increase the danger. Women, who wear a bra no less than 12 hours every day, increase the danger for about 20% comparing to the ones who use them decently, once in a while, or never. This particularly alludes to bras which contain plastic components or metal.


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