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lundi 21 décembre 2015


It is a fact that lemon tree is one of the oldest and the most cultivated fruit plants throughout the world. And that is due to lemon’s great characteristics and benefits which make it really worth of the term often it is referred by – a super fruit.

Lemons are abundant in vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, C, B1, B6, bioflavoniods, pectin, folic acid, magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorous.

These are needed for protection from various diseases and conditions and have numerous positive effects on the stomach, intestines, liver, and the immune system in general.


Lemon juice and peels have a pleasant, sour and acidic flavor. Lemons work as a buffer in the body and they are excellent for reducing hyperactivity in the stomach. The peels from the lemon have antiseptic effects on the human body, as well as the leaves, which are great for reducing fever.

However, you probably did not know that your favorite citrus fruit is beneficial when it comes to reducing joint pain. The lemon peel contains fragrant volatile essential oils which help in the relaxation of the blood vessels and produce anti-inflammatory effect, which makes them useful for treating pain in the joints and in the nerves.

This recipe is quite simple and really efficient, and you only need a few ingredients that you probably, or certainly, already have in your home.

These two ways are the most effective ones:

Grate the peel, making sure that you only get the yellow layer from the peel, not the white one. Then, take the peel and rub it directly on the affected body area or body part and then wrap it using a bandage, in order to hold the grated lemon peel. Let it work for up to two hours.

Or, the second way:

Place the rind of two lemons in a jar, and then add olive oil to it. Close the jar well and leave the mixture sit like that for two weeks. Then, use this oily mixture for rubbing the affected area with it. When you rub the oil, take gauze and wrap it around the affected body part treated with oil, and let it sit overnight.

Note that the lemons you use should be of organic origin.


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