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vendredi 6 novembre 2015

Women’s Special: 10 Warning Signs of Cervical Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

Cervical cancer used to be a lot more dangerous four decades ago than it is now. Advancement in the medical world has provided us with pap tests and the warning signs are all known now.

This new knowledge has contributed to the saving of many lives.

However, cervical cancer is still a deadly disease that can cause a lot of pain when not handles in time, this is why we must all know the simple early warning signs.


Ten Warning Signs of Cervical Cancer You cannot Ignore

It is difficult to observe any signs immediately cervical cancer when it starts developing. The signs are not so obvious at this earliest stage neither are the symptoms evident until an invasive spread to other tissues has started. But there are some distinctive symptoms to watch out for and we have listed 10 of them below


At the early stages of cervical cancer, women start suffering from leg pain causes by a swelling in the leg. This pain or swelling is caused by the swollen cervix which blocks blood flow in the leg.


A small amount of colorless and odorless discharge may be normal but when the discharge increases, becomes smelly or has an uneven look, then it might be an early warning sign that cervical cancer may have started developing in the body.


This is the most common symptom of cervical cancer. If the vaginal begins to bleed unexpectedly then cervical cancer may very well be the culprit. You should see your doctor if you begin to bleed in-between menstruations or after sexual intercourse. This is especially troubling in older women that are postmenopausal. If you are in this category then you need to see your doctor urgently.


When you begin to feel discomfort while urinating, then you may want to get screened for cervical cancer. Many people describe this discomfort as a tight and stinging feeling of concentration. However the pain is a bit different from anything you have ever felt before. Urinary symptoms like this one, usually indicates that the cervical cancer has spread to surrounding regions and need immediate treatment.


Also pay attention to the appearance of you urine and your urinary habits as this can tell you how healthy your cervix is. Sudden change in urination frequently, incontinence (losing control of the bladder) and discoloration are all signs that all may not be well with the cervix. If this happens to you, please speak with your doctor urgently.


A sudden persistent change in the menstrual circle is also a good sign that the cervix may develop cancer in the future. If you are not on any type of medications that may cause this, then speak with your doctor as soon as possible.


Dyspareunia or painful sexual intercourse may also be an indication of cervical cancer. This pain could be cause by a host of other health conditions, all of which usually needs medical attention. So, it’s always wise to see to a doctor as soon as you feel such pains.


Although pelvic pain is normal in a lot of women during periods, when the frequency and intensity suddenly increases drastically, then it is safe to say you need to see your doctor as soon as you can.


Research has shown that 80 % of Americans get pains in their backs. There are many causes for such pain, but you should see your doctor when the pain is accompanied by any of the other symptoms we mentioned.


Although weight loss has a lot of causative factors, when it comes with some other symptom(s) we mentioned, then you need to see your doctor.

Cervical cancer causes a significant reduction in the number of red blood cells. These cells are replaced with lymphocytes that help the body fight pathogens (disease causing organisms). When the number of red blood cells reduces, it causes anemia which can make you feel tired, weak, and unable to eat properly (loss of appetite). This is how cervical cancer causes weight loss.


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