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dimanche 4 octobre 2015

One Simple Teaspoon of This Will Help You Lose 3 Times More Body Fat

Most people struggle with weight loss and they try loads of recipes, potions and methods to burn more body fat.

One of the least known methods for weight loss is consuming different spices.

For example, cumin seeds are proven to be good for lowering blood pressure, detoxifying the liver, stimulating digestion, reducing fluid retention and alleviating skin problems. Furthermore, they are excellent at reducing body fat, and thus, losing weight in a healthy manner. By losing the weight, you automatically reduce the blood pressure and the bad cholesterol in the blood.

One Simple Teaspoon of This Will Help You Lose 3 Times More Body Fat

Cumin seeds have other healthy properties as well. Firstly, they are a powerful antioxidant and protect the liver, kidneys, stomach and the digestive system. Secondly, they are a good immunity booster and fight against bacteria and microorganisms. Last but not least, they have anti cancer and anti diabetic properties. It has been proven by an Arabian study that the healing properties of the cumin seeds come from their high content of thymoquinone which is a crucial ingredient in the oil which is extracted of the cumin seeds.

Cumin and obesity

What is obesity? It is a modern disease which comes from the unhealthy food choices we make daily and the fact that we have too little physical activity. This results in excessive weight and abnormal level of body fat. Nowadays it appears even more and more in children. The percentage of obesity is getting higher and higher, but it is the highest in the USA. Obesity leads to other health problems such as cardiovascular and immunity diseases.

Great herbs against obesity besides cumin are green tea and black Chinese tea, so they should be included in our everyday nutrition plan. A lot of studies have found that cumin is a weight loss stimulator so it should be consumed daily. However, it should be combined with aerobics or any other physical activity for better results.

Those women who included cumin in their diet had lower cholesterol levels and lower density lipoprotein compared to those who didn’t consume cumin seeds.

Even though cumin should not be consumed during pregnancy, it can be used for 8 weeks on regular basis, and in combination with physical activity it leads to weight loss. It is also recommended that cumin is not consumed in a case of a surgery because it slows down blood clotting and it decreases the blood sugar. This means that it can slow down the process of healing of the scar and it can increase the risk of extra bleeding.


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