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mardi 8 septembre 2015

Different Eye Colors And What They Say About You (It Could Be A Whole Lot, According To Studies)!

Many people believe that if you want to get to know a person, you should see in the person’s eyes.

In this article, we talk specifically for the eye colors.

You may not know, but there are not just black, brown, blue, green, gray and hazel eye colors, but many colors in between. The color of the eyes can also determine a risk of certain disease or even tell you how your body handles an alcohol.

Different Eye Colors And What They Say About You (It Could Be A Whole Lot, According To Studies)!

These are quite amazing things that your eyes can tell you:

Cataracts are more common among the dark-eyed people

In accordance to a research published in America Journal of Ophthalmology, the people who have dark eyes stand a 1.5 -2.5 greater risks for developing cataracts. You need to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays and wear sunglasses.

Blue-eyed people are less prone to vitiligo

An article published in the journal Nature, tells about a research that have discovered variation on 2 genes, OCA2 and TYR – which play a great role in blue eye color, and  can be the reason behind the decreased risk for vitiligo.

Melanoma is more common in blue-eyed people

Vitiligo and melanoma seem as opposites from the genetic standpoint. The variations in genetics play big role in giving blue color to the eyes and decrease the risk for vitiligo, and increase the risk for melanoma.

An over-active immune reaction can cause the immunity in brown-eyed people to mistakenly attack their bodies, and therefore to make them susceptible to a vitiligo and fight melanoma. The relationship between the genes hasn’t been understood and still remains unknown.

Dark color of the eyes can make you more sensitive to an alcohol

People with brown or black eyes could drink less, than the blue or green eyed ones. A study, published in the Personality and Individual Differences, hypothesizes that the dark-eyed people could be more sensitive to the alcohol and some other drugs.

Women with lighter eyes could withstand pain much better

In accordance to a 2014 study, the women with light eyes might have very high tolerance for discomfort and pain.

Light-eyed people can suffer age-related macular degeneration

The macular degeneration is the most typical cause of vision loss after the age of fifty. According to some studies, having family history of the illness, smoking, and having light-colored eyes can lead to the risk for developing AMD.

Changing eye color may indicate a health problem

If you usually have changes in the color of your eyes, you might have inherited a disease, as Warrensburg syndrome or neurofibromatosis, or you might have melanoma of your iris.

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